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History and Process of Apple Growing in Western North Carolina

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Listen to the Story of North Carolina's Apple Heritage


An Overview of Small Farm Direct Marketing
Published by the University of Florida, IFAS Extension and written by M. E. Swisher and James Sterns.

Apple Handling Information
Article outlines information on how you know whether an apple is ripe.

Apple Varieties Commonly Grown in North Carolina
A informational paper on kinds of apples grown in NC.

Article: Childproofing Your Yard or Farmstead
Published by the University of Florida IFAS Extension as a resource for home and farm safety.

Article: The Health and Nutrition Story of Applies
Article by F. P. Corey, Director of Public Relations, International Apple Institute, Washington D.C.

Chart: What's In Season?

Craft Heritage Trails
Today over 4,000 craftspeople carry on the tradition of early artists in our ancient hills. Experience the joy of discovery by following "Craft Heritage Trails", created by Handmade in America in Asheville.

This crafts guidebook covers over 500 itineraries where you can experience as many shops and individuals as possible in the course of a leisurely day.
(828) 252-0121

Growing Local: Implications for Western North Carolina
A 14-page document printed by the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP) and the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SSARE) at the University of Georgia, was published in August 2007.

List of Resources
Published by the N.C. Apple Education Committe, the article lists an "Apple Kit" glossary, information on video available from the Apple Media Center, and a listing of pamphlets and booklets available, and other resources available.

Marketing to Restaurants
An article by Debbie Roos, Agricultural Extension Agent, gives insights in how to market your product to restaurants.

N.C. Apple Facts, Apple Storage
A paper on apple facts and storage.

Protecting Children on the Farm: North American Guidelines
Published by the Univ. of Florida, IFAS, this article is focused on protecting children who live on farms from injuries and lists the North American Guidelines for Children's Agricultural Tasks (NAGCAT).

Selling Strategies for Local Food Producers
Published by University of Missouri Extension, this 8-page guide is filled with information and resources for farmers who sell directly to consumers.

Small Farmer's Resources for Safety
Published by the University of Florida, IFAS Extension, the fact sheet describes some important resources which farmers and ranchers can access on the internet to get up-to-date information on agricultural safety and health.

Ten Reasons to Buy Local Food
Article adapted from "Growing for Market", the national monthly journal for direct market farmers.

The Apple Industry in Henderson County: Then and Now
The article discusses the history of apple growing in Henderson County published by the Blue Ridge Farm Direct Market Association.

The Life and Legend of Johnny Appleseed 1774-1845
A document that dispels the myths of Johnny Appleseed.

U.S. Census - Land in Orchards
Total Farms and Acreage in North Carolina counties printed by the government.

USDA Agricultural Prices: 2007 Summary
The report was released by the United States Department of Agriculture in July, 2008. It was an update to correct misinformation for the Florida grapefruit prices.

USDA Report: Noncitrus Fruits and Nuts- 2008 Summary
A report issued January, 2009, published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture on Noncitrus Fruits and Nuts - 2008 Preliminary Summary.

Women Principal Farm Operators: Tenure: 2007
Statistics by North Carolina county from the National Agricultural Statistics Service regarding the number of women operating farms.


Apple Kit Cover & Intro
Cover, Introduction and Table of Contents for the NC Apple Educational Kit - Elementary (K-5)

Apple Kit Resources
Apple Educational Kit Resources, including Apple Glossary, Media Resources, Pamphlets and Booklets, Filmstrips, Videos, Websites, and Other Resources.

Also includes the Answer Key for all the NC Educational Kit course studies/tools.

Communication Skills: 3-5
Communication skills for 3-5 students; Meets North Carolina Standard Course of Study and includes:

Apple Spelling Bee
Comparing and Contrasting
Apple Phrases
Scrambled Apple Names
Apple Communication Web

Communication Skills: K-2
Meets North Carolina Standard Course of Study for Communications (K-2) and includes:

Apple Words
Apple Phrases
The Taste of Apples
Apple Communication Web
Apple Accordion-Fold Book
Scrambled Apple Names
Apple Quotes
Apple Journals
Apple Cinquain

Crop Protectants: Science K-5
Science for K-5 students; Meets North Carolina Standard Course of Study and includes:

Apple Pest, Disease, and Predators
Apple Disease Pests Photos
Monitoring Apple Orchards for Pest, Disease, and Predators
Most Commonly Used Crop Protectants
Activities: Apple Pests, Disease, and Predators
Apple Pest Management Scouting Form

Healthy Living: K-5
Materials on Healthy Living for K-5 students; Meets North Carolina Standard Course of Study and includes:

Apples Help in Major Health Areas
Apple Nutrition Facts (by the dozen)
Nutrition Facts Wall Chart
Nearly 1/2 of Crop Grown for Processing
Apple Cider
Some Hints about Cooking with Apples
Let’s Get Cooking
Foods made from Apples

Honeybees: A Resource Guide for Teachers
A resource guide for teachers about honeybees; meets NC Standard Course of Study and includes:

The Order of the Hive
The Life of the Queen
Work With Eggs
What’s In a Name
Buzzy the Worker Bee
World Of Beedom
What Buzzy Bee Looks Like
Main Body Parts of a Honeybee
Mouth: Like a Straw
Honey Stomach
Wax Glands
Pollen Baskets
Have Stinger will Travel
The Difference between Honeybees and Yellowjackets
House Bees
Nurse Bees
Field Bees
The Bottom Line: Worker Bee Jobs
Lifespan: Worker Bee
Summary: All the Jobs
Dancing & Swarming
A Reproductive Act
Poolinated by Bees Everywhere
What Kinds of Flowers do Honeybees Like
Pollination: How it Works
Pollination: How Important is it to Us
Beekeepers: Managers of the Hive
Enemies of Honeybees
Crop Protectants
Bees Starve Before They Will Freeze
Some Blossoms Are Poisonous
Honeybees Resources

Math: 3-5
Math for 3-5 students; Meets North Carolina Standard Course of Study and includes:

Math Activities - Symmetry
Math Activities - Apple Fractions
Apple Math Tasks
Apple Graph Sheet

Math: K-2
Math K-2; Meets North Carolina Standard Course of Study

Apple Math Problems
Same Shapes
Apple Graph Sheet
Apple Pie Center
Bee Hive Math

Science: 3-5
Science 3-5; Meets North Carolina Standard Course of Study and includes:

Pomology has its roots in apple growing.
Apple Tree Grafting
The Apple Blossom
Apple Blossom Fill in the Blanks
The Apple Tree
Experiment: How Apple Trees Get Fed
The Cell Density of an Apple
Soaking Up the Sun’s Rays - Apple Tree Leaves
Checking Water Loss in Apples
Controlled Atmosphere Storage
Apple Parts
Apple Parts Fill in the Banks
Seed Color

Science: K-2
Science K-2; Meets North Carolina Standard Course of Study and includes:
The Apple Blossom
Apple Parts
Apple Parts Fill in the Blanks
Tree Parts
Soaking Up the Sun’s Rays: Apple Tree Leaves

Social Studies: K-5
Social studies for students K-5; Meets North Carolina Standard Course of Study
Enjoy NC Apples
Apple Producing Areas of NC (map)
Popular North Carolina Apples
Who Am I?
My Favorite NC Apple
My Favorite NC Apple Testing Chart
Apple Sources
Produce Picture
Apple Buying Tips
Price Lookup Code
Storage Tips
The Four Seasons of NC Apples
The Apple Seasons
The Apple Industry in Henderson County Then and Now
Brushy Mountain Apple History
Family Tree
A Trip to the Apple Orchard
Ideas for a Field Trip
NC Apple Producing Counties
Major Apple Growing States

Stories, Poems, and Music: K-5
Stories, poems and music for K-5 students; meets with NC Standard Course of Study and includes:

Johnny Appleseed a Pioneer and a Legend 1774-1845
Johnny Appleseed Activities
Johnny Appleseed Sentence Strips
Little Red Apple House (poem)
Apple Tunes (song)
Apple Song (to Bingo)
Have You Ever Had an Apple? (song)
Sipping Cider (song)
Spring’s Promise (poem)
The Apple Tree (poem)
Here is the Beehive (fingerplay)

Visual Arts: K-5
Visual Arts for K-5 Students including Apple Puppets, Holiday Decorations with Apples, Apple Orchard (Bulletin Board), Dried Apple Wreath, "I'm Good to the Core!" (certificate), Apple Clip Art #1, and Apple Clip Art #2.


Apple Cycle Sequencing Cards for Children
A paper showing apple cycles that can be cut out and used as cards.

Apple Tree Life Cycle Folder
A paper cutout for children that will create a pocket to put in a book and will hold cards.

Apple Vocabulary Book
A paper cutout activity for children.

Appleman Coloring Page
Coloring page for children related to Apples.

Chart: Parts of an Apple Blossom
Chart shows that flowers have many parts that are crucial to the formation of apples.

Craft Instructions for Apple Tree Through the Seasons
A craft project for students.

Craft: Apple Shaped Mini Books
A paper cutout project for children from

Game: How Many Seeds in an Apple
A paper cutout activity for children.

Games: Apple Word Scramble, Help the Appleman Find the Path
Games: Apple Word Scramble, Help the Appleman Find the Path

Guide for Teachers "Apples: A Class Act" Grades 4-6
Published by the U.S. Apple Association, this teacher's guide offers suggestions for activities for a series of lessons about apples (6 pages, Grades: 4-6)

Guide for Teachers "Apples: A Class Act" Grades K-3
A teacher's guide to stimulate activities for children kindergarten through 3rd grade to learn about apples.

Guide to Farm Field Trips for Farmers and Teachers
Published by the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project, this guide is for farmers and teachers to help in stimulating and planning farm field trips.

Johnny Appleseed Fact or Fiction Mini Book
A paper cutout activity for children.

Johnny Appleseed Presentation
A 10-slide PowerPoint presentation by Juliette Lambert, Linda Ross and Janet Carlson on the history of Johnny Appleseed that is aimed at children.

Living on an Apple Orchard: Teacher Guide for Activities
Farm-to-Table Apples: Suggestions for teachers on activities to stimulate students' interest in agricuture, especially apples.

The Apple Wise Guys Coloring Book
Published by the U.S. Apple Association, the coloring book gives information about apples and pictures for children to color.

The Life Cycles of an Apple Tree
A document that breaks down the life cycle of an apple tree by the seasons of the year, and gives a suggested activity for children.


NC Apple Festival
The Apple Festival is held on Labor Day Weekend each year (Friday through Monday) to recognize the importance of the apple and the apple industry to Henderson County and North Carolina. More than 150 vendors line eight blocks of the main event area. There is continuous entertainment on our professional stage from 10am to 10pm Friday through Sunday. The Mountain Bank King Apple Parade, always held on Labor Day, culminates the Main Street activities. Reminiscent of early festivals, the North Carolina Apple Festival closes with a street dance.
(828) 697-4557


Farm Energy Efficiency Project
North Carolina Farm Bureau has been awarded funding for the North Carolina Farm Energy Efficiency Project (FEEP) by North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission. FEEP will serve to promote agricultural energy efficiency. The goals of the project include educating farmers about agricultural energy use and efficiency programs, providing low-cost energy assessments for farmers, and assisting in the implementation of on-farm energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

NC Agritourism - NC Department of Agriculture

NC Farm Bureau

Sustainable Agricultural Research and Education


Recipes: On Your Way to 5 a Day With Apples
Official 5 A Day Recipes featuring apples and apple products


Blue Ridge Rural Land Trust
The Blue Ridge Rural Land Trust is a non-profit land trust serving a seven county area of western North Carolina. Our mission is to preserve rural communities and culture in northwestern North Carolina through the preservation of the land resource upon which they depend.

Since our beginning in late 1997, Blue Ridge Rural Land Trust has made significant progress in land protection. Working quietly with individual landowners, BRRLT has protected through conservation easements and purchase 3118 acres in Alleghany, Ashe, Avery, Watauga, and Wilkes counties.
(828) 263-8776

Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy
The Conservancy was established in 1994. The mission of the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy is to create a regional network of permanently protected farm, forest and natural land in Henderson, Transylvania, and neighboring parts of Buncombe, Rutherford and Jackson counties. To date, total land protected is 12,382 acres.
(828) 697-5777

Mud Creek Watershed Restoration Project
The Mud Creek Watershed Restoration Project is housed in the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, Henderson County Center, and is a project of the Mud Creek Watershed Restoration Council. The Mud Creek Watershed Restoration Council is a group of local, state and Federal governments and agencies, businesses, non-profit organizations, and other institutions and interested citizens working to promote the ecological health of the Mud Creek Watershed in Henderson County, NC. Groups participating in the Council are listed below. The participation of many entities ensures that local stakeholders within the community had and continue to have input in the development of the Watershed Restoration Plan for Mud Creek.

Project Coordinator:Diane Silver, NC Cooperative Extension Service
Henderson County Center

Schedule a presentation for your group: We would be happy to come to your school, club, organization, or business meeting to give a slide show on the Mud Creek Project. Just contact us at the number below to set up a time.
(828) 697-4891

The Conservation Fund - North Carolina Office
The Conservation Fund is the nation’s foremost environmental nonprofit dedicated to protecting America’s most important landscapes and waterways. Through its partnership-driven approach, the Fund works across all 50 states to preserve each region's unique natural resources, cultural heritage and historic places. Committed to effectiveness, efficiency and environmental and economic balance, the Fund is pioneering a new environmentalism that is results-oriented and sustainable, agile and inclusive, and one that inspires future generations. The Conservation Fund has a dual-purpose mission to promote economic development and environmental protection. Using market-based approaches, the Fund works with the private sector to provide comprehensive real estate solutions and sustainable technologies.

In North Carolina:
From the Appalachian Trail to the Albemarle Pamlico Estuary, North Carolina's rich natural resources beckon wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Here, the Fund and its partners work closely with local communities to integrate conservation, sustainable economic development, and social justice principals to preserve nearly 174,000 acres.
(919) 967-2223

The Nature Conservancy - North Carolina Chapter Office
The Nature Conservancy has protected 670,000 acres from North Carolina's mountains to coast.
(919) 403-8558


Apple Production by State
Apple production statistics 2006 - 2008; total production by state 2006, 2007, and 2008 (mil. lbs.)


City of Hendersonville
The City of Hendersonville was incorporated January 7, 1847 and encompasses approximately 5.7 miles on a plateau about 2,200 feet above sea level. The City lies at the southern edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, 40 miles north of Spartanburg and 22 miles south of Asheville on Interstate 26.

Council/Manager: The City of Hendersonville has a full-time city manager who handles the day-to-day operations of the City. The mayor and four council members set policy. The council members serve staggered terms.
(828) 697-3000

Henderson County
The Office of the Henderson County Manager includes staff responsible for implementing the directives and policies of the Board of Commissioners, as well as managing the day-to-day responsibilities of general county government, and developing the annual budget.

Chris Coulson - Public Information Officer
(828) 697-4808

NC Department of Commerce
The North Carolina Department of Commerce is the state's leading economic-development agency, working with local, regional, national and international companies.
(919) 733-4151

Town of Fletcher
(828) 687-3985


WNC AgOptions
Annual Project providing funding to Western NC farmers for Farm Diversification, Expansion and Demonstration
(828) 649-2411


Blue Ridge National Heritage Area (BRNHA)
Established by Congress in November 2003, the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area recognizes and celebrates the natural abundance and richly varied cultural history of the North Carolina mountains.

The 25-county region of the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area includes the Qualla Boundary and the following counties: Alleghany, Ashe, Avery, Buncombe, Burke, Caldwell, Cherokee, Clay, Graham, Haywood, Henderson, Jackson, Macon, Madison, McDowell, Mitchell, Polk, Rutherford, Surry, Swain, Transylvania, Watauga, Wilkes, Yadkin, and Yancey.
(828) 298-5330

Heritage Explorer


Agritourism Resource Persons
Printed by the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service, this information is provided to help potential agritourism farmers find resources to help developing agritourism farms.

Blue Ridge Grown
Online guide to fresh, locally grown produce and plants available from the local growers, farms, and nurseries of Western North Carolina. Growers pay an annual $25 per year for their listing. Search by location or by product type. Farmer's & Tailgate Markets are also listed.

Henderson and Transylvania Counties in western North Carolina, including Hendersonville, Fletcher, Flat Rock, Etowah, Saluda, Brevard, Mills River, Tuxedo, Edneyville, Pisgah Forest and many other locales. Many farms are also located conveniently close to Asheville.

Mountain Valleys Resource Conservation and Development Program
The Program's purpose is to plan and promote the orderly development of certain resources in the area including but not limited to human, land, water, wildlife, forestry, recreation, and cultural. Two positions on the committee are appointed by Henderson County Commissioners and one by the Henderson County Soil and Water Conservation District.


Downtown Hendersonville, Inc.
Marketing and promotional organization for downtown Hendersonville merchants
(828) 697-2022

Henderson County Travel and Tourism
Information on local events and attractions.
(800) 828-4244


Asheville-Hendersonville-Western NC Web Design-SEO-SEM
Website design firm, specializing in building websites for apple growers and orchards in Western North Carolina.

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Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project - Fresh Produce from North Carolina Farms and Markets

North Carolina Farm Fresh Fruits & Vegetables - Find North Carolina Farm Fresh products of roadside farm markets, pick-your-own farms, and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms.

Henderson County NC Cooperative Extension Service - Agricultural Extension Service Blue Ridge Grown - Your guide to fresh, locally grown produce and plants available from the local growers, farms, and nurseries of western NC.